TPW Investment Management




 TPWIM simplifies Global Macro investing  by utilizing our proprietary Tri Polar World (TPW) Framework and Global Risk Nexus (GRN) Scoring System combined with our portfolio construction process using ETFs, the liquid, low cost, transparent and tax efficient investment vehicle at the forefront of 21st century investing.

We believe that to create replicable investment solutions requires a robust investment process. Our process is run on a monthly portfolio meeting basis and consists of three steps.


Step One:

Tri Polar World

Leverage TPWIM’s differentiated view of the global investment landscape to identify and mine original long term secular investment ideas (Tri Polar World framework).


Step Two:

GRN Scoring System

Utilizes our proprietary GRN Scoring System to develop and test Global Macro thematic and tactical strategies. The GRN looks ahead on a 6-18 month basis and scores the globe and each of the three main regions (The Americas, Europe, and Asia) across four factors: Economics, Politics, Policy and Markets.


Step Three:

Portfolio Allocation/ ETF Execution

Augment this top down work with a bottom up, ETF specific focus employing fundamental and technical analysis. Combining all three steps within a dynamic monthly asset allocation process allows us to size our investments accordingly.